Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ypthima pandocus corticaria

Common Three Ring

This Cinderella of butterflies almost rivals the Euremas in terms of abundance, and the species can almost always be encountered in most of the forest transects in Singapore. Its caterpillar is believed to feed on grasses and indeed it is always to be found in the vicinity of open grassy patches.

The species is greyish brown on the upperside with a large sub-apical ocellus on the forewings. The undersurfaces are a pale buff brown, with fine dark striations. The hindwing has three yellow-ringed black ocelli. Common Three Ring

The butterfly has a feeble flight and is usually found close to the ground. It often stops with its wings half open to bask in sunlit spots.

Image Location :
Talang Rimbo Lama Village, South Curup District,Rejang Lebong Regency

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