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Euthalia aconthea garuda male form

Common Baron Garuda Sumatra
Euthalia aconthea garuda (Moore,[1858])

Synonym :
Euthalia aconthea apama Fruhstorfer,1913 : in Seitz, Grossschmett Erde. 9:667. TL. ??(Thailand)
Euthalia aconthea meridionalis

This is very hard for us to identify, due the minimal information. Very hard to find photo from internet and catalog. Finally we found the pattern from Yukata web site (A Check List of Butterflies in Indo-China, Chiefly from THAILAND, LAOS & VIETNAM), so our euthalia from rejang land namely as Euthalia aconthea garuda, and I think this is the first record in photo from Rejang land nature, and must add to in Sumatra Butterfly check list.

Record in :
Curup Town, Rejang land, Sumatra, Indonesia


Euthalia aconthea meridionalis


(= Euthalia garuda ( Moore))


Upperside dark olive-brown. FW male dark brown at the base with 3 U- shaped marginal bands and 2 groups of white spots. HW with pinkish tinge at the anterior border, 4 black spots at the base and a submarginal row of black spots. Female olive brown, similar to male but with larger white markings and more rounded HW. Underside grayish brown with grey markings at the apex and base, marked as above, black spots along the wing margins and blackish rings at the base. Wingspan 55-80mm.

The most widely distributed species of Euthalia in South India, more in the forests. As mango, its principal host plant is cultivated everywhere, it is now very common even in cities and crowded markets, on rotten vegetables and fruits, toddy, plant sap and damp patches. Highly territorial in habit, it often returns to the same spot again and again.


Green with red spotted head, pale dorsal line dotted with blue and white spots and 10 pairs of long, laterally projecting, delicate branched spines. While resting on leaves, it positions its body along the midrib and lateral spines parallel to the leaf veins, thus mimicking the leaf perfectly.

Feeds on mango, cashewnut, white bryony, rose, mulberry, loranthus, etc.


India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Indonesia (Rejang Land, Sumatra) and the Sundaland.

Reference :
  • http://yutaka.it-n.jp/lim2/721230010.html
Specimens Examined

♂, 1992.11.18. Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

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Muvattupuzha, Kerala ,India

Curup, Rejang Land Sumatra


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