Saturday, April 18, 2009

Papilio Memnon Sp

Papilio Memnon Sp

Many species butterfly in Rejang Land. With make us proud we have many kind species from Papilio genus. This one taken from rejang land, name Papilio Memnon, but I wonder this Papilio memnon heronus or Papilio memnon Agenor. Or may be one of you give me correctly information?

For today, the Papilio butterfly is rarely following harmfull tropical forest in Sumatra Island include in Rejang. That very terrible pal :(. It happen in many years in my country? What can we should do?

The mimetic butterfly Papilio Memnon, aka The Great Mormon, is known for having a variation of characteristics. there is only one male form but the female comes in many forms, even having male characteristics. a "bisexual" one was bred recently. it probably resembles this one, which is an aberrant male cuz it has the white and red spots only known to be on females. it also looks like it has a bigger abdomen, another trait for females.

Image location:
Talang Rimbo Baru Village, Curup Town, Rejang Lebong Regency
Photo by :
Curup Kami


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