Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mycalesis orseis orseis

Mycalesis orseis orseis
Purple Bush Brown Butterfly

Location : Lubuk Belimbing village, Sindang Beliti ilir district

The Purple Bush Brown is rather local in distribution and is rarer than the other Mycalesis species in Singapore, but we found this species in Rejang Land. One of the distinguishing features of this species of Mycalesis is that the prominently yellow-ringed ocelli (eye-spots) are rather uniform in size and are almost all present on both the fore- and hindwings below. The rather broad white post-discal band on the underside is faintly violet-washed.

The Purple Bush Brown is a forest species and is most often encountered in the Chestnut area in the forest fringes of the western banks of Upper Peirce Reservoir. It is usually found singly and flies low amongst the grasses and undergrowth in shaded localities.

Family : Nymphalidae
SubFamily : Satyrinae
Common Name : Purple Bush Brown
Forms : -

Comparison picture from Singapore catalog :

This one from Singapore photo by Frederick Ho


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